Thursday, February 11, 2010

Email 02/08/10 - Cold in Milton Keynes but still being BLESSED!

Hello All!

Oh it has been a busy week. We are still getting to know the members and getting in contact with the less actives. It's been wonderful to get to know them. We had a lot of less actives come to church which is great! We also got a referral from the Elders that serve close by to our area and we have been trying to contact her for a couple weeks. Clara is her name and she is a busy lady who works in London. We went by her house later at night and contacted her and she is looking for a church that she can go to and feel like a new person when she come out. She has an open heart. We saw here after and taught her lesson one and she understood everything and wants to pray to know about Joseph Smith. She is great. So we will be hoping to get her to church this week. Geoff is still going. He was sick last week so we didn't get to teach him but he still came to church and he always has great questions in Gospel Principles. We have a lot of people who are potential investigators and we have been finding a lot and the work is progressing. Its WONDERFUL! We found a lady tracting the other day and she had met with missionaries when she was 21. She let us in her home and we pretty much taught all of lesson 1. The spirit was strong and she is more interested now then she was before. I think she is in her 50's now. Crazy! And here is another miracle! I was waiting in the library to get on a computer and a guy that was on a computer saw my name tag and said, "NO WAY! You are from that church?" He said that he lost his phone and went out of town and was learning about the restoration awhile ago from Elders. And he said can you come by again. So I got his information. How cool is that! Fasting is amazing! It always works and thanks for all those who pray and fast for the work. It's great being a missionary! Also another exciting thing happened this week. All the sister missionaries, but Sister Christensen and I, got moved early. They had an emergency transfer because of my trainer. It was her time to go home at the end of this next move, which is the 17th of February, but due to medical conditions she is going home and her family came and picked her up. So we knew nothing about it until I saw a email from Sister Shattuck saying she is moving. So all the sisters moved but us. Way crazy. So we are here for a reason together and are working hard. That's about it for now. Remember I love you all and I know the gospel blesses lives. Happy Valentines Day also on Sunday! :) YAHOO! best day for a missionary :)Take Care!Love,

Sister Jenn Olsen

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