Monday, April 6, 2009

Email 04/06/09 - General Conference was Amazing!

Hello Family,
Hey Conference!!! It seems like the talk of the week for sure! :) I absolutely loved it! It was Fantastic! I have never wanted to watch conference so bad in my life. We were having a hard time to get lifts (a ride) to the stake center which was about an hour away and no one could drive us. Our zone leaders had to come pick us up. But we saw both Sat. sessions and Sunday morning. We were not able to watch Sunday afternoon which we were really bummed out about so we are just going to have to wait for the Ensign to come out! Sounds like the game was fun. I took so many notes I looked back and I don't remember looking up off of my paper most of the time. ha. So planting a garden? huh? That sounds like fun I do remember the old one. I don't think I have ever eaten so much fruit than I do here. I love it. I try to make that my munchy instead of rubbish food :) So good for you.I miss going to the store and knowing what is good and what isn't and what everything actually is. Its weird here. But ya know. Ill get used to it.They have a store here that I think Jeff would appreciate, It is called Argos and you look in a magazine what you want and you select what you want in a computer and then they bring it out to you. Lazy or what? ha ha its neat.My area is north of London but is still considered London. No country side. Just town.Dad I got your emails of my account and it sounds like you and mom or mom had fun dancing :) The good ole days. At least dance for me because I miss it.So I did not have any hand warmers in the MTC and I don't think I will need them for awhile. It is warming up here now. The days are really nice but it does get really cold at night time. But ya know, ill live with it :) Ryan looks good with his report I bet it went well. He is an amazing kid!So conference again. Sorry this is so random but I am replying to your emails first as I write you. But My favorite Talk out of the ones I saw was Elder Holland about the Atonement and feeling alone and what he went through for us. It was so powerful and amazing! The whole conference had a theme to it, like most of the time they do. But it was mostly about how we are all going through trials and that we can get through them through faith and doing the right things. Its amazing, I loved it.And the talk about the London buses I have seen both of the buses it was crazy that I was all the way over here and still I felt like I was at home. The spirit was so strong. We got one of our investigators there on Saturday and she is getting baptized April 18. She is amazing and knows this is the time for her. She can't wait. She is from The Caribbean somewhere.So yeah this week was good. We did a lot of finding this week and not so many lessons. It was a busy week. We have a huge area and try to find everyone we need to. We are finding people here and there but we pray we find the ones that are willing to be baptized and really have that desire to want to know the true church. Its hard for people to realize that there is only one true church because religion here is huge so everyone has their own faith and so on. Many people have not heard of the Mormons which I think is so nice because then they don't have the bad conception of what people say about us.I love it out here. Serving the Lord. It still doesn't feel like I am in London. Its crazy but things are moving a long and I thank you all for your prayers and support.I don't have much more time. Love you all so much! Glad you were able to watch conference.HAPPY EASTER next week. have a good dinner for me. I miss that food. :) Thanks for everything you all do.

Love Sister Jennifer Olsen

Jeff: Thanks for doing that for me, and I am writing in my journal but I will put more insightful things in it like you were talking about and I need to take more pictures you are right but I don't want to take too many that I look like a tourist :) but I do need to take more. Thanks for the help and things I can do to remember my mission. Its amazing! Sounds like 311 was fun and GJ is doing good. Hope Beth is too. gtg. love you Mom I want to see if you can find out Lindsey flakes address and Shawna Orlando's address for their missions so I can write them.I need :) Floridex toothpaste. I think I have a box in the small plastic drawers. and my make up powder (coffee) color from Linda Kindred. Everything else is want :) ha. Like regular food Mom I would love a small preach my gospel book. you can cut the note taking areas out and so on. I would like to carry it with me but It would need to be small. Let me know what you think? :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Sister Jamilyn Ostler said...

Hey i dont know if you remember me, but i actually ran into at the sister missionary mall the end of last year i too am going to the England London mission, i leave this thursday. I happened to come across Jennifer's page and I was just wondering if you knew if jennifer brought a pair of jeans. i was also confused by the letter from the mission presedent about said church trademark cds were ok to bring, but it sounded like we werent allowed to bring any kind of player...anyway thanks! I hope i get to work with her at some point of my mission.

Dan Flake Family said...

I'm so glad to hear that Jenn made it to London. It sounds like a fun adventure. I'm going to print her blog letters occasionally and send them to Lindsey in Canada. You can follow Lindseys blog and letters at

Dan Flake Family said...

Oops, it is not the @ sign.