Monday, April 13, 2009

Email 04/13/09

Hi Family!

Our week was very very busy. We did so much tracting and walking. We are supposed to do 15 hours of tracting at least in one week. Its crazy. Tracted in the rain with no umbrella because the weather changes so rapidly. That was an experience... but we have been finding a lot of people and Heavenly father is watching over us all the time. A story: We were going to meet a new investigator family from Ghana and they ended up not being home and I brought 3 books of mormon with me. So I said how about you talk to people and walk back home so that I can drop these off because my shoulder was killing me. We stopped a lady and she asked if we had a book of mormon and we did and then as we were talking to her, another lady walked by and said. Are you giving those book of mormons out for free. Ha! I was like what? Are you kidding me? She had friends from africa that went to the lds church and wanted one. CRAZY! Is there a better way to get rid of the books than to give them to some one. It was amazing!
Then Denise, the lady that is getting baptized this Sat. had her interview sunday morning and she was not physically ready for it. and wanted to postpone her baptism and not do the interview. We were so bummed. She called us that morning. We had one of our zone leaders and the bishop give her a priesthood blessing. and Bishop comforted her and she came to church and is pumped to be baptized. It was a miracle. And we had 3 less active families that we are trying to get sealed come to church. It was such a good Sunday.
A sister missionary came home from her mission this week also and guess who she served with. Sara Ott. Crazy! She is awesome! She wants to come to all of our lessons and help out with anything we need. She is still a missionary. It is funny and an answer to our prayers.
So yes things are very busy, we had zone conference this week and the president is a strong man. It was amazing! We learned so much to become better missionaries. It was a great week.
We taught a less active lady and her husband has left her for the moment. She is pregnant and has 5 kids already in a little flat. She is stressed and over whelmed. Her husband won’t let the kids and her go to church due to things that the bishop wouldn't let the dad baptize his son. Anyway, she treats her kids not the best. She looks at them like they are always getting in trouble but does not see the good in them. It reminded me of when we were small and got on each others nerves as a family but still we all loved each other so much and still do. It should how grateful I am for my family and parents. It’s amazing how you have to see things to make you grateful for your own. Love each other. Never know when we won't see each other again.

Well I better get going. I love you all so much thanks for the prayers and the emails and letters.
It helps the work move forward. Weeks are moving faster. Can't imagine how it is when I am out longer.
Remember that we are not alone and we are always being watched and taken care of. I love you all. Miss ya!

Sister Jennifer Olsen :)
Preach the Gospel! Bear Testimony!

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