Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Letter 02/08/09

BAD NEWS!!! :(
I just got back from taking a walk to the temple. I was getting a picture taken and the Elder taking the picture dropped my camera. :( It won't focus. It landed on the lens pretty hard, and I tried to play around with it. It won't take any pictures. :( I would like to see if we can take it back to Costco. I kept the box and I'll send everything you should need to take it back. The box should be in the closet downstairs if you didn't pack it. The card needs to be taken back with it too, But pictures need to be taken off before you do that. I would like the pictures somewhere when I come home. :) Most of them are of Christmas and Disneyland. Thanks family. I would like the camera back asap. It would be nice to have. :) You know me, taking pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks so much though. If you need to Dear Elder me and let me know what's going on, that would work. Love you!

Sister Olsen

P.S. I could use more stamps. :)
**WAIT WAIT** I tried my camera later tonight, and it still works, but I don't know when it will stop. What should I do? I can send it..or....yeah. Let me know asap. Dear Elder me.

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