Thursday, February 12, 2009

Email 02/12/09

Hello Everyone! I loves P-days. I get so excited to email you and tell you all thats going on. I wish I couls email you every day. But instead I just write in my journal. So alot has changed since I last emailed you. I got to talk to you on the phone and I loved it. Made me miss you all, but thats all part of it :) So I was put into a new district. All the England Missionaries that are stuck here were made into one district. there are 3 sisters and 4 elders. Elder Zemp was in my old district but every one else has left to Tempe, AZ. So I still have one family member left. Which is nice and he is the new DL. I got new companions, Sister Chase from Quna, Idaho (by boise) and Sister Anderson from New Mexico, carlsbad. Sister Anderson is going to London with me and Sister Chase is going to South London. They are cute girls, they were companions before so I am kinda the odd one out, but they seem fun and we get a long. I moved rooms and no longer living with Sister Safoilou. I miss her but I still get to see her around. So when I get home I will have an excuse to visit Hawaii :) Im excited! So sundays here are the best days. We get to relax, unlike the mission feild. We have sacrament and relief society and a meeting with one of the branch presidentcy. Then study and personal time and its nicew and relaxing. then a Fireside at night which is always inspiring and motivationg. Not too many meeting :) We learned the new Primary song mom and how we can help Primary out in the mission feild. The song that every Primary will be learning called "Eternal Family" You will have fun teaching it I am sure. Made me think of you. I had a missionary in our old district. Elder Benson, he reminds me of how Ryan will be on his mission. He has ADHD and is slow at reading but from day one to the day he left his reading skills improved so much! IIts amazing how the Lord works. He has simple teaching skills which touches everyone in many ways. Everytime he bears his testuimony it reminds me of Ryan. Love you Ryan! and thanks for your note! I love it! Happy Valentines Day to everyone! So Sister Hunt left Monday for Canada, my old companion. werid to think she is already out teaching real people. The RC this week I was able to invite many misionaries to peoples houses which is fun do do to know they will have this amazing gospel introduced into their lives. Can't wait to get out there and do it. It is snowing on and off here. It is very cold but I have learned to deal with it. Sister Si and I would always pretend we were in Hawaii by the beach. :) She is so cute! I went into Sister Si Mongolian class when sister hunt had left, I just studied but they were learning the laungage. Holy Cow! I am so glad I don't have to learn a laungage. That is so hard :) she is doing very well with it though. Probably the biggest thing I miss is hugs. Im so used to getting them all the time and having new companions its differernt again but I miss hugs so much! So don't ever take them for granted :) Thanks mom for the tights. I have not used them yet but I am sure they are warm. So Our new teacher for our district is from Engand and went on her mission to Scotland. She was telling us all the words they use, how to eat, where to shop for the best deals, and so on. She is very happy to teach us. She has always wanted to teach england missionaries but knew she would never because they all go to preston. She is really cute and I think we will learn a lot from her. Its a bummer to still be here, but I am going to try to make the best of it and learn as much as a I can. Obviously I am here to learn something new to change some one in England's Life. Positive Attitude!!! :) They still don't have any neew information on the departure date. We have changed mail box to #339 and on my address you can put ENG-LON 0225 instead of 0209 if that makes sense. Dad your calling seems like fun! and way busy! Seems like everything is going to change for the better. Good Luck and I am proud of you! :) And that sounds like so much fun to go to colorado and set apart John. Let me know how that goes. You will have fun visiting him again. Tell Happy Birthday to Mike, Aubrey, Ciera, Grandma and that I wish the best and to have a great year! Mom you should just have Annalisa make cookies for me :) can;t wait for them. Well the time is up and I better go. Thanks for all your support and letters. I miss you all so much! Keep up the scripture reading it will bless the family so much! this church is true. I love you all and Happy Valentines day! Love Sister Olsen!

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