Friday, January 23, 2009

1st Letter

Olsen Family!
So it's been one heck of a day. It was so hard to say good-bye, but that's part of the whole process. First of all, they said my tetaneus shot is past due. I guess I had my last one 5-20-02. If you have a more updated one, let me know. If not, I will just get it here. I have two companions. Sister Hunt and Sister Saifoloi. Hunt is form Salt Lake City and Saifoloi is from Hawaii. Really neat girls. I'm excited for the three of us. Sister Hunt is going to Canada and Sister Saifoloi is going to Mongolia. We have five sister in a room, the ohter two are going to Tempe, Arizonia. We met with our district tonight. Mostly everyone is going to Tempe and other other guy in my district is one of the London, England mission. It's been a really crazy day and I'm so tired. I reallt can't wait to go to bed. I'll for sure be able to fall asleep at 10:30. :) I hope everything is going well at home. I hope for alot of letters. Today has been a hard day because we haven't had alot of classes to get our mind off the family. Pray for me! I love you all so so much. Thanks for all your support. I am hoping tomorrow is a good day. :) I know this is where I should be. Don't have much time, but I'll be writing more. Just a note, my P-Day is on Thursday and I will be able to e-mail then. I probably forgot to tell you something, but that's all for now. LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ALL OF YOU!

-Sister Olsen

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Cory said...

Glad to hear she's busy. Sounds like she really lucked out on her first companions! I cant wait for the next letter! I miss that Sister Missionary... :(