Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Email 05/24/10 - Sunny Watford!

Hello All,
How is everyone doing? It has been super crazy this week and we have been so busy. It's been wonderful! We received 5 new investigators, they might not be the most solid people but we are getting new people to teach. I think we have dropped 2 of them already because we are looking for those that are prepared and ready to learn more. The people here are willing to learn and we are helping them wanting to change and act and the feelings that they feel when we teach them. We started teaching a man who has been addicted to smoking and drinking and gambling and he wanting to change his life around and when we taught him, after the lesson he didn't have another smoke. We are going to have to give him to the Elders in the ward because he might be interested in more then the gospel. So we will see what happens with him :)
Also the People that were at the less actives home, were there again this week so we taught them the first lesson and it was great because they want learn more. So we are being blessed with all these tender mercies and our hard work of finding is paying off. We have been finding a lot this week also and it has been sunny and hot for 3 days straight which doesn't happen a lot here. It's so beautiful. I have gotten sunburned already, a nice farmers burn :) But hey, I will take what I can get. People are more happy with the sun out and more people come out, so we have more people to talk to. It's great!
Our Sunday was just great too. We had a new investigator come to church. She is in her 20s and she is Catholic, originally, but she is open to going to other churches. She came in jeans and a tank top yet she fit in so well. She was wonderful and she told us she wants to change a lot in her life and she actually wants to feel beautiful and quit smoking and she said that there was no doubt that she was going to come to church next week. I am really happy for her. We met her on the street. YAHOO! We will see what happens.
Also one more, sorry this week has been full of things, Susan is her name and she has been coming to church for 4 years now and has a strong testimony of the church being true and the Book of Mormon. She has had the missionary lessons twice and so pretty much she is a "dry Mormon" Her husband does not let the missionaries around or let them teach her anymore and it has been a long road. She finally asked him for his OK to be baptized in June. His heart has been softened and he gave her the OK and said he would be there for her. MIRACLE! Susan came up to us and said she can be baptized now. AMAZING! We are so excited for her.
We also taught Primary, and it was crazy! 5 year olds are just full of energy and can't sit on their chair for very long. We are teaching them again this week. Wish us luck! Reminds me of JD.
Things as you can tell are moving along and we are being so blessed. Thank you call for your prayers and support. I love you and continue to keep me posted!
Sister Olsen

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