Monday, February 22, 2010

Email 02/22/10 - Milton Keynes is growing!

This week for missionary work has been crazy busy! So usually we count and record how many active members we see a week and it counts for our time. Now it doesn't unless an investigator or less active is present. So, we are not going to be visiting the active members much. We still can but then it takes away from all our other hours and then the President doesn't see that we are using our time effective. So yeah, that is a huge change this week. We are getting to know a lot more less actives and trying to find more new investigators. We have been very blessed to see so many miracles and how we contact new investigators and how they become new investigators. The guy that called our number last week, we met with him and he is AMAZING! He know he needs more in life then just the Catholic or the Church of England. He has been going to the same church ever since he was born and he knows the Book of Mormon can help him. When we taught him the spirit was so so strong! We invited him to pray and read and come to church. He has other things for the next 2 weeks but can't wait to come. We called him later this week and he has read 3 Nephi 11 to chapter 28. Its crazy! He asked how much he should read from it and how many times. He reads it every day and he is hooked! It's the Book of Mormon that converts! I know the that Book of Mormon is a true book and its the most powerful book then any other book. Isn't that just amazing!?! I love it! As for the weather, it is cold (as you can tell from the pictures) but the sun doesn't go down till 5 now. So that is GREAT! We actually get more sunlight now.
Here is another fun story. We knocked on this door this week of a man and he was from Ireland and was funny. He wanted to learn more because he had some ideas on what we believed but he was proud to be Irish. You could tell. So I asked him why he moved here because he sounded like he didn't like it here. He wasn't joking at all. But he said...would you believe me if I told you I came here when I was 18 to rob a bank? HA! It was crazy! He said he has learned a lot in his life. But there ya go. We meet fun people everyday :) Missionary work is fun and spiritually uplifting. I love it and I am grateful to be here.
Thanks for all and your prayers and letter emails and love. Keep me updated!
Sister Jennifer Olsen

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