Monday, February 1, 2010

Email 02/01/10 - It's still cold in Milton Keynes!

Hello All!
So the work here is coming along. This week has been the better out of them all. It always gets better though. That's what's great about missionary work and making goals all the time. Always striving to be better and do better. This week we found another family. Shelly and Kaylee and Taylor. The kids are 10 and 12. They are so smart and are begging their mom to go to church. We had stake conference this last Sunday so we couldn't get anyone to travel that far to go. But this week we are hoping for both families to come. Its great to teach families and to see them have questions and to learn together. The more and more I go tracting, the more and more my testimony grows. People are so lost in the world and need some guidance and direction. That is what we are blessed to have. Its been a busy week full of tracting and teaching. We are getting to know more of the less active members and seeing them more regularly. We are getting used to the buses also and things have just been going great. We also had zone conference this week and it is always motivating and the topic of it was faith. We need to have so much faith in the Lord while we are here. But even in our every day lives. That is what keeps us going. It is so important!
Oh and one thing I wanted to say. So it is so cold and we have gloves on all the time so when tracting its hard to knock and mom was going to send a gold ball, but here we don't need them. We have the mail flap to use. They are usually metal and you have to lift up the flat to put the mail in the doors. And here. We just open and close it and it makes a loud noise. Its great! I know it sounds dumb but what else are missionaries going to talk about, right? Also this week we have been teaching the older man who is an investigator and he accepted to be baptized! YAHOO! We gave him a date for march and he said he was thinking Nov or Dec.....ha.... he wont be able to wait that long. The holy ghost will get to him. We are really excited about it. Even if I don't get to see his baptism it's great that he has accepted. He has been learning for a year. So its about time :) HA!
Well I think that is about it for now. This week has been full of the spirit and learning new things. I watched the movie on Thomas S Monson, his life story. IT'S WONDERFUL! I invite all of you who have not seen it to watch it. It's called, On the Lords Errand I think? Well I love you all and really appreciate all your love and support.

Sister Jenn Olsen

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