Saturday, December 26, 2009

Email 12/21/09 - Merry Christmas!!

Hi Everyone!

I just want to say that I love you all and I hope you have the best Christmas ever! It has been so beautiful here is Lowestoft. It snowed on Friday and Saturday and so we woke up to a winter wonderland when we got up to go to church. We had a Christmas carol concert also on Sunday and an amazing thing happened. A young man who has been going to the activities for a couple years now decided to be in the choir because we would practice for it when they had young mens. And after the concert was done he asked if Church was like this. He really liked the feeling and how friendly everyone was. He asked about baptism and is coming to church for the first time. The youth and amazing here and they are the ones that are making it happen. Just making friends and inviting them to the church activities can change someone's life! We will be teaching him this week and preparing him for baptism and he also comes from a broken family. We are so EXCITED!
We have been tracting a lot more in the cold which is not too bad. It is so fun meeting new people even though we get yelled at too :)
Thanks for all your prayers and I just wanted to share that story with you. Hope you all have fun and stay WARM! Thanks for your prayers.
Love Sister Jenn Olsen!

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