Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Email 6/09/09 - What a week! London is amazing!

Well hello everyone!!!!
WOW What a week! I am staying here in Enfeild still with Sister Abellan so we will be working hard together to keep the work moving forward. I am excited. I have nothing to complain about. We are trying to move flats so anyone that writes please write to the mission office address till I tell you more information. Thanks!

So yes this week eventful! We had to drop an investigator. My first time having to do that. I was so disappointed but I didn't let it get to me. It is not her time. But the most amazing thing also happened this week. We are teaching a lady named Jacqui and she was a referral by someone in America. Found out this lady is from St George. Her name is Wendy Bateman. lives in Washington. Jacqui met her on face book and they became friends. Jacqui loves talking to her and through time she has noticed something about her that is amazing and she cant describe it. Jacqui was telling us how she just has "something amazing that I want." Wendy has been talking to her for 4 months now and has send a Book of Mormon and has been talking here and there. So we saw Jacqui for the first time this week and she does not really believe it god and trust him. She thinks she has done everything in her life to get where she is. But all she knows is that she wants what Wendy has. So we explained to her everything and it was amazing! She told me, I have what Wendy has and that I remind her of Wendy. It made me know that I needed to be there at that time and gave me that re assurance this is where I am supposed to be. It's by the spirit that people are converted. WOW! I could not believe it. Jacqui prayed at the end of the visit and can't wait for us to come back. It was amazing! I am so glad to be here to help people see the light and want to change there life. I am also grateful for Wendy and being obedient to the commandments so that she can show and share that light to others. They haven't even met. It so crazy. Well I don't have much more time. I love you all so much! Thanks for all your support. Things have been wonderful and we are working hard. The church is true.
Love you!
Sister Olsen!

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Dan Flake Family said...

This is a great story of what being a good example can do for someone. The internet can be a great missionary tool. I copied some of Jenns pictures and a few posts and printed them to send to Lindsey. Thanks for sharing. I have been going out with the sis. missionaries in our Stake and having some great experiences too. Shelly