Monday, June 15, 2009

Email 06/15/09 - Everything is good!

Hi Everyone!
How is everyone doing?
Sounds like the wedding and bobby and the family are good. I bet it was so weird to see Lauren get married. I think it is crazy myself but I am happy for her and I have heard that the Portland temple is very pretty. I am glad you got there safe and were able to go and support her. When you send pictures try to re-size them if you can. :) Thanks!
I am so excited that you are going to the Oaker Mt temple open house. Let me know how it is and tell sister Toney and sister Vevea I love them and hi for me. They will be there for sure helping out

Well this week was very good!
Something I totally forgot about telling you last week that was also one of the highlights of the week but I didn’t have enough time to type was, Shaking Elder Ucduorf and Elder Andersons hands. It was amazing! All the missionaries got together from the south London mission and London mission. Sister Abellan and I were asked to sing in the choir. There were about 18 of us. I felt privileged even though I don't sing well but I sat right behind Elder Anderson. They were amazing and their testimonies were so powerful. We had Stake Conference that Sunday after and the spoke again and it was amazing! Living in Utah and being able to go to General Conference is different then being a missionary and being able to have a meeting just for us and speaking just to us England missionaries on what we can do to help the work here. I loved it!
Also one thing the President has gotten on me about taking my drivers test. So I have been studying a lot for it and I will take it July 7th so we will see. I just hear it is so so hard but I guess ill just study and do my best. I didn’t think I would feel like I was at college out here. ha! That stress I do not miss. That is for sure :)
And this week we saw Jacqui again and it was wonderful! She had so many questions about 3 Nephi 11 and wrote them down and it shows that she is serious about learning more and really wants to change her life. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and what she needs to do to get to live with god. She knew what kingdom she is now and wants to be in the celestial kingdom but it’s going to take time. When we talked about this life was the time to prepare ourselves to meet god, she is very sensitive on baptism and repenting and we explained how repentance is not a bad this, that she in a way had been repenting by wanting to change her life to be a better person. Everything went well. She is smart and has very good questions; through the Holy Ghost we were able to teach how she needed it and to answer her questions. It was amazing. And she said the closing prayer again. She can't wait for us to come back.
This next week will be the last zone conference with President Foulger and then soon we will be getting a new president. I am prepared for a lot to change. But it will be good.
The mission is amazing and getting to go to London was so so much fun! I miss traveling and UI am hoping sister abellan will want to go again so we don't have to rush so much next time. Just seeing everything was so much fun. We live kind of in the ghetto of London. Just some facts you might be interested in about London. They are having a tube strike so everyone is having a hard time getting to work in downtown and back, they have a lot of parks and that is where everyone goes because there is not much more to do. They also tan there because the only pools they have are in gums that are inside so everyone is at the park. Fanta is the big drink here. They love juice and the juice is still not as good as our juice in America. The fish and chips I don't really like. Too greasy and not a fan of them. Not many fast food here like you can find everywhere in Utah. 16 years is when they can smoke legally here so its really sad and they can drink at 18. Its crazy! You are still stupid then. We see police flying down the roads at least 5 times a day. Ha (don't worry mom we are protected) the sun is so nice here but then it rains. I don't think we get a whole summer it just goes on and off. Its not the end of the world though. It does not get dark till 10pm and I hear in Oct to march it is dark at 3. Weird! And dad there is no air conditioning anywhere. None in bus or flats. So yeah there ya go. If you want to know more I will try and think of more but let me know
I love you all. Better get going.
I love being here and thanks for all the support.
We have not moved flats yet but in the process of looking.
Love you all
Sister Olsen!

Mom have fun with Rachelle and Reed and JD I am sure you will
Dad Have a good fathers day and let me know how it goes. Sorry I cannot be there
Rachelle I hope you feel better and you enjoy the time with mom. Go shopping for me! :)
Jeff thanks for all you do and keep up the wakeboarding, looks like you are passing me up on the height. Just like when you got home from your mission and I passed you up with Halo. I guess its pay back huh? :) Ha
Annalisa hope all is well and your not dating too many guys. Enjoy your summer while you can
Ryan stop growing I will not be able to recognize you. :)

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